FAQ # 1: Becca, what in the heck is a second shooter?

Great question, my friend!

UNOFFICIAL DEFINITION OF A SECOND SHOOTER: A second shooter is a professional photographer hired by your main wedding photographer to help take photos of your wedding day. Usually this photographer has their own business and clients, but for that day they are on your main photographers’ team to help make sure that your day goes the smoothest it can!

FAQ #2: Cool! But what are the pros to having a second shooter???

There are so many pros to having a second shooter at your wedding, but here are just a few:

• The second shooter is able to get a second angle/look at those “high stakes” moments that only happen once, like the first look, the first kiss, or when the groom sees the bride walk down the aisle for the first time.

• A second shooter can help the whole day run smoother, especially if you don’t have a day-of coordinator! They can help run around to grab things like bouts/bouquets, make sure your hair/dress look perfect, and get your family members ready for their turn to take family photos!

• If you love candid photos, I would HIGHLY suggest a second shooter! While I’m mostly focusing on caring for the bride and groom, the second shooter can take photos of your loved friends/family and moments during the day that you might miss out on!

The list goes on and on, but I tell every couple who inquires with me that no matter who you choose for your photographer, ask them if you can have a second shooter at your wedding. I promise that the extra money is 100% worth it!

FAQ #3: Are there times when I don’t need a second shooter?

In the grand scheme of things, choosing a second shooter is a personal preference! I say that if you have under 50 guests, you really don’t need a second shooter, and probably don’t need a second shooter under 100 guests. The reason why is because generally the timeline can go smoother when there’s less people and it’ll be easier to capture the majority of the moments with a smaller crowd.

FAQ #4: But Becca, how do photographers pick their second shooters? And how can I trust that they’ll pick a good one?

I haven’t actually had anyone ask me this question, but I know that I would be a little nervous about how photographers go about that. I can’t speak for all wedding photographers in the world, but here is how I pick mine!

I am very particular about personality and philosophy when I choose my second shooters. I meet up with them to make sure that we connect well, because my couples trust my judgement and I want to make sure that we will work well together. I also make sure that their photo philosophy includes natural and candid photos, because that’s the style that my couples hire me for!

I try to use second shooters that I’ve worked with in the past, but since everyone has their own wedding schedule, it’s not always possible to do that. I assure my couples and say that I wouldn’t hire someone as a second shooter that I wouldn’t want to be at my own wedding.

Second Shooter FAQ

Do you have any other questions I can answer? Feel free to contact me – I’d love to help in whatever way I can to make sure that you feel the most comfortable on your wedding day!

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