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The course is broken down into 6 main modules, each 5-15 minutes long, with a table of contents and slides to accompany each topic.

This hour-long online course is jam-packed with information about every part of the wedding process to help you have the most fun and get the best photos possible on your wedding day!

The Rlp wedding course

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Permission to make your wedding your own

How to make family photos a BREEZE

Quick ceremony tips that will elevate your photos

The importance of ceremony lighting

What the ONE thing is that will mess up a wedding timeline and cause stress

How to get de-cluttered getting ready photos

What's included:

- Kayla

"Becca, this came out AMAZING!!! They were so informative and absolutely helped to make figuring out our timeline so much easier.”

- Colleen

”These are SO incredible!! I started listening just for fun, but now I can't wait to go back when we're really finalizing things and take some notes!"

- emily

”I wish I had something like this when I was getting married!

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If your friends and family are asking you when everything is happening on your wedding day and you have no clue the general flow of a wedding or how long things will take, this freebie is for you!

2 Free Sample Wedding Timelines (One with and one without a first look)

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