This lovely couple found me on Zola, and we quickly connected over event planning and social work! (two things that I did before becoming a photographer full-time). I loved that they brought SO many fun ideas to the table for their engagement session – they wanted to do a tour around Albany to spots that had meaning to them, and I was so honored to be part of that experience!

We first stopped at the Palace theater. They were able to get the lights on for them, and we got to take a few photos inside, as well! What an honor. Through that, I learned that most theaters have a light on when no one is there to appease any possible ghosts. How interesting!

We then went to Washington Park to get a few shots of the couple in nature, because they are a couple that loves both the city and the outdoors! We walked around and found a beautiful willow tree that eventually became my favorite!

We then went to this beautiful residential area with vines that represented a time where this couple lived in that area. They always wondered why people would take photos in front of their building, and then they quickly realized why! These may be some of my favorites of them in regards to emotion and connecting with each other.

Then we ended at the Empire State Plaza, one of my favorites! We got the classic “I Love NY” sign and found a beautiful area where we could also see the moon. The wind and temperature was just PERFECT and made for an amazing ending to the night.

It was SO fun to meet this couple in person and go to all of these meaningful locations with them. Because we went to so many unique places, my creative juices were able to flow and I’m super proud of these images! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!!!

"I could not stop laughing! Every smile and laugh is real and she makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera."

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