Since starting my photography business, I have become dedicated to making photo process fun, and helping my clients feel seen and known through the way that I take photos. I want people to feel like themselves so that they can look on their photos 10 years later and vividly remember that season and time in their life. Photos are so precious, and I am honored that clients choose me as their photographer!

... and preserving them!

Ever since I was little, I wanted to listen to others stories and share them with others. As a result of a college photography class that I loved and my dad's love of nature photography, I was gifted a camera after graduation, and I never stopped! I started taking photos at a performing arts center and became mesmerized with capturing joy. I have been in the wedding industry since I was fourteen and have been taking photos professionally since 2019. 

I love sharing stories . . .

Hi Friend! I'm Becca.

I am the happiest when I am in nature.

I am a huge fan of coffee.

My friends mean everything to me

I'm fluent in Spanish!

My favorite nights alone include books & candles.

I grew up in the Suburbs of PA, and now I live in the Adirondack area! I love hiking, sitting by a stream, hearing the water rush over rocks, and just watching nature all around me. Get me near a waterfall, a lake, or a mountain and I am the happiest person alive!

I am the happiest when I am in nature.

My love for coffee started when I was living in the Dominican Republic for a year. When I stayed with host families in the DR, I experienced the most amazing coffee I've ever had! I can't drink much caffeine anymore, but I'll take decaf any day and appreciate a good cup of decaf espresso.

I am a huge fan
of coffee.

This is why I believe that relationships matter so much! I love making new friends and keeping up with old friends. I believe we all have gifts that help one another and we are made for community. I wouldn't be where I am today without my amazing friends by my side!

My friends mean everything to me

I grew up learning Spanish in the school system, but only gained a love for it through living in the Dominican Republic for 9 months! After that, I decided to major in Spanish in College, lead a 3-month trip to Costa Rica, and be a camp counselor in Spain. I love being able to use my Spanish!

I'm fluent in Spanish!
Yes, really.

I tend to be someone who is always hosting, spending time with friends, or exploring new places, but since 2020 I have found a new love for nights alone in my comfy clothes with a good book and a candle lit. 

My favorite nights alone include books & candles.

Fun FActs about me...

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