You need brand photos.

For example, look at this photo of myself (I'm Becca, by the way - nice to meet you!) From the photo, you can tell a lot. You can tell that I'm generally a happy person, that I take photos, that I like the outdoors and nature, and that comfy, flowy clothes are my favorite.

And that was all from one picture.

In an economy that is always on-the-go and needs easy-to-digest information, you can't rely on just words anymore. 

Well, crap. Us small business owners really should stop using stock imagery.

Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

If you want a cohesive online visual presence that communicates your values, brand photography is the way to go! Brand photography is not just a few headshots - it's a full-on marketing strategy through a collection of images to help your clients know what to expect from you.

What is brand photography?

My attention to prepping for brand sessions makes it so that every photo is usable for you and your business.

I've done a lot of "headshot swaps" with other photographers to know that not every photoshoot will help grow a business.

I'm passionate about marketing through realistic imagery that showcases your personality, brand, and helps you fulfill your business goals.

I'm not passionate about headshots.

Rebecca Loomis
Brand Photographer & Strategist

Trusted by:

multi-million dollar companies
& creative small business owners

Keeping your business in mind, with a marketing background and actionable steps to implement your images.

You deserve a brand photographer who understands your business as well as you

We'll talk about your business, values and goals to see what kind of package would best suit your needs!

This is the meat and bones of what I do and helps me stand out from other photographers! I prep with you and learn about your business as if I were running it. Then I come up with a game plan for strategic images that'll help you stand out From the digital noise.

It's go time! We will have planned so much that this will feel like a breeze. I'll arrive a little early to set up, and then we'll get all the photos you need, and more!

I'll send you a few sneak peeks within a week, but I guarantee the whole collection within three weeks. Included will be a step by step guide to implement and market these photos - ensuring the greatest return on investment.

INquiry Call + Booking

THE Day-Of

AFter the Shoot


What to Expect | The RLP Branding Experience

"Becca was thorough prior to the branding session asking questions and asking about my style as a makeup and hair artist. She really gave me great advice on how to use my branding photos to benefit my business. We photographed multiple different backdrops and outfits and I think she did a amazing job capturing my style and set up. I've gotten many compliments!"

- AnjelFace Makeup

Kind Words

"Becca was fun to work with, planned for little details ahead of time that I hadn't considered, and worked with us during the shoot to achieve several styles of photos that we had in mind. She even quickly made herself available for another crazy session during a snow storm to get us just what we were looking for! She's super accommodating and confident in her ability to get you what you’re looking for in a photo!"

- Rich, Owner of Storied Coffee & Milk Teas

Kind Words

"I am so blown away by everything Becca did! She truly made me feel seen and appreciated and presented as the kind of professional I want to be and I can't thank her enough. JUST WOW!!! I will happily vouch for Becca forever and ever."

- Lexi Hannah, Artist

Kind Words


Are looking to start taking your business more seriously.

Are tired of using the same few photos over and over again.

Want intentional photos that reflect your mission & values.

Love serving your clients and are interested in growing your business.

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