Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. To avoid any potential disasters, it’s a good idea to have a bridal emergency kit on hand. Here are some essential items to include in your kit to help you stay calm and collected on your big day.

1. Sewing kit & safety pin essentials

A sewing kit and safety pins are essential items to have in your bridal emergency kit. You never know when a button might pop off or a hem might come undone. Having a sewing kit on hand will allow you to quickly fix any wardrobe malfunctions. Safety pins are also great for quick fixes and can be used to secure a loose strap or hold a dress in place. Make sure to include a variety of thread colors and needle sizes in your sewing kit to ensure you can fix any issue that arises.

2. Scissors

You’ll be surprised how often people need scissors! From removing dress tags to finding stray strings on fabric that need to be removed, you’ll be glad that you put scissors in your bridal emergency kit.

3. Clear Umbrellas

Rain on your wedding day is no issue if you have clear umbrellas! They are cute and add personality to wedding photos, making it an essential! Buy two for you and your significant other, or buy enough for the whole bridal party!

4. Crochet Hook

If you have a wedding dress with more than five buttons, don’t forget to have a crochet hook on hand! Delicate buttons are super cute but can be a pain during the getting ready portion of the day. Crochet hooks make buttoning up a whole lot easier!

5. Cake Cutting Set

Your catering company may or may not have a cake cutting set available for you – ask them about it! Especially if they’re not providing the cake, they may forget to bring one. Squash the uncertainty by having a set yourself!

6. Steamer for dresses, veils, linens, etc.

If you haven’t already steamed your clothes, definitely make sure to steam them the day of! A travel sized one may be nice, but if you have a lot to steam try having a few on hand so everyone can pitch in and help.

7. Lint Roller + Chalk

These are for your dress! A lint roller removes lint (duh!) and white chalk can help majorly with any unavoidable dress stains!

8. Tissues + Q Tips

Use tissues for tears and q tips to make sure not to mess up any makeup!

Conclusion: be prepared with your bridal emergency kit, but also don’t sweat the small stuff

This isn’t an exhaustive bridal party emergency kit list, but a start to get you in the right direction. Be prepared, but also don’t forget that the most important part of your wedding day is to celebrate with your family and friends. Coming from your friendly Adirondack Wedding Photographer, you got this!

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